Surround Speakers for Best Listening MusicĀ  and Movie

Surround Speaker

Surround Speaker

Surround speakers are usually preferred by movie enthusiasts and are also placed on the side walls. Listening to music, movies and tv programmes in surround sound can vastly improve your enjoyment. For movies, mount your surround speakers on the side walls slightly behind and well above ear height.

If music is your primary source, mount the surround sound speakers on the rear wall well away from each other but not all the way into room corners. Also, keep the surround speakers at roughly the same height as your front speakers. Matching your surround sound speakers to your front left, center, and right channel speakers. Your surround speakers should be similar in sound quality to your front speakers.

The Placement

Surround speakers are best positioned two to three feet above, to the side of, and slightly behind the main listening position. 1 channel systems, the ideal placement for the two rear speakers is on the back wall at approximately the same angle from the listening position as the front left and right speakers. Identify the spot where the bass is deepest and best defined (not muddy or boomy), and put the sub there.

The Type of Speakers

Surround speakers are not responsible for bass frequency reproduction so they can be small and inconspicuous. If you upgrade your front speakers consider using the older front speakers as the surround speakers. One thing to remember when placing your rear speakers is the type of speakers. If you are using smaller satellite speakers place them closer to the ceiling.

The angle formed by the ceiling and wall will enhance the bass response of the speaker. If the rear speakers are close in configuration to the front, that is they have a tweeter, mid range and woofer, place them lower, about ear level if possible. The surround field is comprised of two separate channels.

If you have a system capable of these formats make sure each speaker is placed about the same distance from the primary listening area. Since they play a more important role in the over all sound field in these systems you may wish to consider a larger speaker set than with dolby prologic.

Surround speakers are located close to your listening position, adjust the rear delay short (5-15ms). If your surround speakers are located far away from your listening position (20-30ft), adjust the rear delay long (15-35ms).

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