What Kind of Wire Should I Use For My Outdoor Speakers?

Executive Summary About Speaker Wire By Ben Peverly

Getting ready to install those outdoor speakers you bought in your landscape, huh? You got everything you need, right? I am guessing that you purchased the following: Outdoor speakers, check! Amplifier, check! Burial grade speaker wire…what? You mean you bought just standard speaker wire from the store? Soon as it does you got a short issue that can result in a blown speaker. Or worse, a blown amplifier!

Speaker Wires

Speaker Wires

So what makes burial grade speaker wire better? Standard speaker cable you use in your home has either two sets of wire made of either copper or aluminum or a combination of both. Obviously 100% copper is the best conductor to use for your speakers because it transfers the signal with the least amount of resistance. And of course you need to use the recommended wire gage for your speakers, so look at the specifications of yours to determine this.

Speaker wires for home or car use have a plastic coating around the inner conductor to protect them from coming into contact with each other and any other exterior metal that might cause a short. This is the most common type of speaker wire. Burial grade cable has some of the same elements as standard wire, but with added weather protection. This type of cable comes in both 2 conductor and 4 conductor versions. Conductors? Okay, speaker wire has a positive (+) wire and a negative (-) wire. This is a 2 conductor cable.

A 4 conductor has two sets of positive and two sets of negative wires which allows stereo hook up of both the right and left channels. Make sense? Burial cable usually consists of 2 or 4 conductors of copper wire, in individual plastic coating. Color doesn’t really matter, it just helps you to keep them distinguished when hooking them up. These 4 color coded conductors are also encapsulated in a weather resistant outer coating, usually black, that helps protect it from moisture, heat, cold and breakage.

We have learned that standard speaker wire and burial grade speaker wire are different when it comes to use outside your home. If you choose to use standard wire for your outdoor speakers, you run the risk of wire breakage and deterioration due to the elements. The chance that the wire will short and cause damage to your speakers and amplifier is possible.

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