How Does Stream Music To A Stereo Work?

iTunes Stereo Music Player

iTunes Stereo Music Player

By Rachman ray

We can redirect streaming music from online sources provide us with continous commercial free music stations to our home audio systems for higher quality listening and recording. Use a computer with internet connection and streaming music software, such as iTunes or Winamp (PC) and connect the audio output to an auxiliary input on our home audio system receiver. That’s  the best way to do.

Hardware connection

Step 1: Make sure sound is coming out of the computer’s speakers by doing test the audio signal flow by playing a continous sound source on your computer, such as a CD or mp3 file.

Step2: Before connect the RCA end to the stereo receiver’s auxiliary RCA inputs, attach a 1/8″ stereo mini jack to your computer’s stereo headphone output.

Step3: On the receiver, select corresponding aux channel as your source input. Home audio system should already connected by the speakers and from the computer you should be hearing the sound.

Step 4: by following your regular internet connection procedure connect your computer to the internet.

Choosing your streaming music station

Step 1: You can download for free a streaming audio software application such as iTunes or Winamp and then you need to install and launch it.

Step 2: In the library section of the software application you can choose a list of online radio stations which iTunes and Winamp already provide.

Step 3: A pop-up window will begin to play the station’s music stream at the best bitrate configured for your internet connection speed after you select the station by clicking on “Tune-In”.

Step 4: Select the option “Play in your Default Media Player” and press “Save”, on the pop-up window. A.pls file should download and automatically launch iTunes or Winamp. You need only to do this once.

Step 5: When choosing your online radio station from shoutcat if iTunes doesn’t automatically launch, refer to the iTunes preferences and adjust internet playback: iTunes > Preferences > Advanced > Use iTunes for internet playback > Set.

Step 6: Enjoy streaming online music with modify your stereo equalizer to your liking. From your home audio system you get commercial free and continous!

Tips & Warning

Make sure to choose higher bitrate steams available from the online station to get the highest quality sound from your stream. If the audio you are streaming is not as good as your LPs or CDs don’t be dismayed because that streaming audio is typically mp3 quality, akin to AM radio.

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