Top Choices Of Home Theater Projector Screen

Home Theater Projectors Screen

Home Theater Projectors Screen

By Rachman Ray

Many people at this day do not really understand what they are buying especially for home theater projection because they used technical terms. When we want to buy a home theater projector screen, we need to know the different types of this product available on the market.

1) Fixed Home Theater Projector Screen

These projector screens are the most common and the simplest. When the home theater room design and performance is settled they are usually permanently mounted on the wall. With this type of installation we can quite easily hide those ugly wires and cables. This screen fabric before held into place with fastener is stretched onto a wooden or aluminium framework.

To prevent any creases over time it’s very important that the home theater projection screen surface is smooth and tightly held together. A better movie watching experience to your local cinemas it will provides. You might want to consider using a transparent home theater screen fabric if you decide to place the speakers behind the home theater screen. The transparent fabric will maintaining the acoustic sound of the home theater speakers.

2) Tripod Home Theater Projector Screens

Outdoor movie screening, conducting training and temporary meeting can used this types of screen because it’s portable and suitable. Since they can be folded and slip inside a luggage they can be transported easily. It is not suitable for use if you want to watch movies because it’s smaller and it is cheaper than a standard home theater projector screen.

3) Wall Mounted Retractable Home Theater Projector Screen

You can installed on the wall or even to the ceiling with this types. When not watching they can allow the projector screen to be retracted. They can be quite expensive and it’s available in both manual and electronic versions.

It is not necessary to have it unless your home is short in space or you do not have a dedicated home theater room. These 3 are the most common and widely used at the moment even there are many types of home theater projector screen available.

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