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Understanding Jbl Bookshelf Speakers

Jbl Bookshelf Speaker

Jbl Bookshelf Speaker

By Rachman ray

From home audio speakers to car speakers and computer speakers JBL has a wide range of speakers. You can choose the JBL speakers that best suit your need because they produce state of the art speakers. From JBL brand you can also get bookshelf or on wall loudspeakers. To give you the best sound experience you will find speakers like JBL CSB5 which integrates with plasma television and the latest flat panel from the JBL cinema sound category.

The speaker has a high gloss black front panel and a silver enclosure. You will read about its frequency response, power handling capacity as well as many other aspects about it on its specifications. The JBL ES20 bookshelf speaker available in a black or cherry finish with a black grille and it is will deliver accuracy to your sound reception. With some unusual feature entail make sure you ask the staff of a store about it. And you can also ask for help and the details will be clear to you if you are shopping online.

Many people realize that they do not fit the desire function when they have bought speakers. Even if you feel that you do not need advise you still a necessity to seek that advise. You can order JBL speakers online and also available in major stores. In many categories and many shapes and design that JBL speakers come. To know the new and exclusive models available it is vital to go through the products available in the market.

It is good to stay ahead because there are new products are constantly being introduced to the market. See whay the custumers say about the JBL product by read the reviews. Get the best possible prices for the speakers and go for discounts on the products. You do not have to worry too much about the cost because JBL speakers are generally affordable.

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Portable Computer Speakers https://sw-les.ru/portable-computer-speakers/ https://sw-les.ru/portable-computer-speakers/#comments Tue, 14 Jul 2009 12:10:26 +0000 rachmanrichman https://sw-les.ru/?p=500 Things You Should Know About Portable Computer Speakers
Portable Computer Speaker

Portable Computer Speaker

By Rachman ray

Unless you have a good quality portable speaker that produces good sound output you cannot enjoy music on the go. To provide you with sound anywhere you go, good portable computer speakers are designed. They are perfect for travelling and outdoor use because they are compact and lightweight, but are also great indoors.

It can also be attached to your mp3 player or radio to maximize sound output and portable, but computer speakers are mainly used for desktop computers or laptops. It is important to look for something that mixes quality and style when buying portable speakers.

Kinds of computer speakers

Portable computer speakers have two kinds. Standard portable computer speakers are the most common. They have built-in bass sound and have a 20 to 70Hz frequency. White, gray and black are the usual colors.

The novelty portable computer speakers are for you if prefer fancy speakers. With creative designs like cartoon characters and others these are usually equipped. Even some of them light up and/or move to the beat of the music.

Choosing your portable speakers

It is important to look for a number of things when looking to buy portable computer speakers. First, having good tonal balance are the unit should have. Don’t sacrifice value for quality. The sound should be clear, particularly outdoors.

Just because they are cheap never settle for speakers that have poor sound output. Finally you can enjoy great sound without any worries if your portable speaker are durable against outdoor wear and tear.

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Outdoor Speaker Wire https://sw-les.ru/outdoor-speaker-wire/ https://sw-les.ru/outdoor-speaker-wire/#comments Mon, 13 Jul 2009 14:54:17 +0000 rachmanrichman https://sw-les.ru/?p=494 Choosing The Right Outdoor Speaker Wire
Outdoor Speakers Wire

Outdoor Speakers Wire

By Rachman ray

You just bought and getting ready to install outdoor speakers in your landscape.You already got everything like outdoor speakers, amplifier, and burial grade speaker wire. But you should never bought just standard speaker wire, may be it might work for a while but soon the element will deteriorate and it will crack. Soon it can result in a blown speaker and even worse a blown amplifier.

We will see what makes burial grade speaker wire better. Usually speaker cable you use in your home has either two sets of wire made of either copper or aluminium or a combination of both. Because copper transfers the signal with the least amount of resistant, so it is the best conductor to use for your speakers. For your speakers you need to use the recommended wire gage.

To protect them from coming into contact with each other and any other exterior metal that might cause a short, speaker wires for home or car use have a plastic coating around the inner conductor. With added weather protection, burial grade cable has some of the same elements as standard wire. Speaker wire has a negative (-) wire and a positive (+) wire, this is a 2 conductor cable. Type of cable comes in both 2 conductor and 4 conductor versions.

A 4 conductor allows stereo hook up of both the right and left channels because it has two sets of positive and two sets of negative wires. In individual plastic coating, burial cable usually consists of 2 or 4 conductors of copper wire. It can be one black, one blue, one green, and one red. Color helps you to keep them distinguished when hooking them up and it doesn’t really matter. Not only will get the sound were you want it but it will last for many, many years to come if utilizing this type of wire for your outdoor speakers.

So when it comes to use outside your home standard speaker wire and burial grade speaker wire are different. You run the risk of wire breakage and deterioration due to the elements if you choose to use standard wire for your outdoor speakers. Is possible the chance that the wire will short and couse damage to your speakers and amplifier.

Would you want to have to pull them out of the ground and re-install them again? Use standard wire if this is what you really want to do and you like the throught of having to repeat your burial work a second time. but do them right the firs time if you don’t like doing things twice.

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Home Theater Speaker Reviews https://sw-les.ru/home-theater-speaker-reviews/ https://sw-les.ru/home-theater-speaker-reviews/#comments Sun, 12 Jul 2009 14:21:19 +0000 rachmanrichman https://sw-les.ru/?p=490 Home Theater Speaker Review From Athena Technologies
home theater speaker review

home theater speaker review

By Rachman ray

It’s easy to spend lots of money very fast when it comes to home theater equipment. They can be a substantial part of the cost all by themselves since the surround sound speaker systems needed for a true home theater experience are made up of 6 speakers including the subwoofer. Whether a speaker system is high quality or not, however price is not always the governing factor. In fact, inexpensive packages sometimes the best surprises come in. From the Athena technologies Micra 6 home theater speaker system, here is a home theater speaker review:

In the installation of the products that they buy is one of the biggest challenges to home theater equipment buyers. And since there are more wires that run farther distances than any other component in the surround sound setup, speaker system can be the most problematic of all. Happily, by providing the speaker wires in the box already Athena makes the installation as painless as possible. Even the most technically challenged among us can be used successfully with a very clear wiring diagram.

If you wish to hang your speaker from the ceiling or mount them setup to the wall they have already thought of that too and included handy swivel mounting bracket for that kind of job. With almost any surroundings and yet capable of great sound in an average size room the system itself consists of satellite speakers that are small and stylish enough to blend in. Of course you may have trouble filling it up with sound if your listening area is in a very large room, but that is to be expected at this low price level.

With the other speakers in the system without overpowering, the 8 inch subwoofer is adequate and blends well. All in all, from a speaker system that is so inexpensive the sound is very impressive. It’s cost which is under $400 is the best part of this whole system on some online sites. And that figure is very easy on the pocketbook considering how easy it is to spend thousand on a home theater surround sound speaker system.

So consider this home theater speaker review of the Athena Micra 6 if you want to step up to a surround sound experience for your home theater system, but just can’t afford the big bucks right now, and see if it doesn’t fir the bill.

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7.1 Surround Sound Speakers https://sw-les.ru/71-surround-sound-speakers/ https://sw-les.ru/71-surround-sound-speakers/#comments Sat, 11 Jul 2009 14:01:56 +0000 rachmanrichman https://sw-les.ru/?p=485 What Is 7.1 Computer Surround Sound Speakers?
7.1 Surround Sound Speaker

7.1 Surround Sound Speaker

By Rachman ray

It is hard to speak without mentioning Dolby in some way shape or form when we mention computer speakers. Dolby 7.1 is one of some great sound reproduction methods that Dolby has developed.  With the naming scheme of the two numbers separated by a decimal point Dolby has come up.

The number of speakers is represented by the first digit, in this case seven speakers. The one channel for the subwoofer or the bass channel represented by the second digit. Dolby is used on entertainment systems, televisions, computers and Dolby is the brand name for the digital surround sound.

7.1 computer speakers use the seven speakers and place the sounds in the right place. To place the sound where it is supposed to be is the point of surround sound. Because it has appeared with the latest HD devices such as Play station 3 and HD Televisions, the 7.1 system is sometimes called HD sound but Dolby were always going to develop new sound systems regardless of HD technology.

The 7.1 computer speakers work by decoding all seven channels as with other Dolby systems from just the left and right audio channels. The 7.1 speakers soon will be phasing the standard 5.1 channels which is currently the most popular speakers because the 7.1 offer a much better sound depth . It’s quite difficult in order to take the two audio signals, left and right, and turn them into surround sound.

Dolby are clever bunch, they needed to integrate the new surround sound into the existing technology in order for their system to be accepted and so they developed it to fit with existing two channel systems. Requires some pretty hefty mathematical technology to understand how the system works.

No signal processing required, the standard left and right channels are extracted as they are.The center channel between the left and right is obviously the difference. The back speakers are require the signals to be phase shifted from the front channels by 90 degrees and it’s little more complicated. It definitely makes a difference and the sound dept is unbelievable if added of  an extra two speakers. The sound appears exactly where it is supposed to be.

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Kicker Car Speakers https://sw-les.ru/kicker-car-speakers/ https://sw-les.ru/kicker-car-speakers/#comments Fri, 10 Jul 2009 14:01:30 +0000 rachmanrichman https://sw-les.ru/?p=457 How To Get A Kicker Car Speakers?

Kicker Car Audio Speakers

Kicker Car Audio Speakers

By Rachman ray

Kicker car speakers are fairly common to people who are car stereo enthusiasts even they are not one of the more well-known brands, such as Bose. You need to prepare yourself to make the best choices by doing your homework before you buy because buying kicker car speakers is a fairly hefty investment though.


Step 1: The most expensive kicker speakers will run several hundred while the lower end of spekers can be less than $75. Determine your budget. Take the time before you get the store to decide how much you can afford to spend.

Step 2: When you first go into the store avoid the sales person, while you may want to ask questions. Look without a salesperson. Check out how the speakers look and read through the descriptions. They will have Kicker speakers on display in a quality stereo store. You can hear the speakers playing. Make a note of the speaker model numbers you like and the price in the store.

Step 3: Go online. The internet opens up the opportunity for you to do all types of research.

Step 4: Go back to the store. Ask all of the questions you have when you return. Find out how much they will be if this store does installations. Ask about warranties and guarantees on work. If you are getting your entire car done this purchase is a pretty big financial investment. Find out anything specific about the kicker car speakers that you need to know.

Step 5: Get the speakers once you have done all of the research you think is necessary. Make your purchase. If you are particularly confident in your abilities do the installation by yourself or have them installed professionally.

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Creative Speaker https://sw-les.ru/creative-speaker/ https://sw-les.ru/creative-speaker/#comments Thu, 09 Jul 2009 16:22:26 +0000 rachmanrichman https://sw-les.ru/?p=452 Creative Labs I-Trigue 3330 2.1 Speaker System Reviews & Tips
Creative Labs Speakers I-Trigue 3330

Creative Labs Speakers I-Trigue 3330

By Rachman ray

The Creative labs I-Trigue 3330 2.1 speaker system delivers impressive quality and offers a crisp clear sound courtesy even it’s comes cheap because the I-Trigue patented NeoTitanium micro drivers.

It has modern design is both aesthetically pleasing and compact, not to mention that the sleek which it’s perfect for any desktop setup.


  • It has perfect design for desktop computer.
  • It has fun design.
  • Cheap but good quality.


  • Has low volume, not good for large rooms.
  • With wired remote.


  • NeoTitanium Mirco-Drivers

Like a typical speaker system has, I-Trigue isn’t made with simple aluminium drivers.

It’s NeoTitanium micro-drivers are designed to deliver crisp, bright sound which I-Trigue allows your ears to indulge in every detail of the sound coming from them.

  • Modern Design

It’s name is a play on “intrigue”, and it delivers on that theme. The I-Trigue has uniqe design catching the attention of anyone checking out your desktop PC. It may come at a cost of the audio quality through that design.

The sound tends to be weak even when turned up three-quarters of the way to the highest volume.

Because it’s not exactly a by product of the design there may be a trade-off in the purchasing decision.

While the system does offer sharp, quality sound for an affordable price, it is not a loud sound.

These speakers would probably not be adequate for a large room or a large goup of people particularly for entertainment purposes, such as waching a movie.

However, if just purchased for personal computer use the I-Trigue’s are more satisfactory.

And for beyond performance the design of the speakers will go with any modern day décor, and would look great next to a classy flat screen monitor.

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Home Theater Speaker System https://sw-les.ru/home-theater-speaker-system/ https://sw-les.ru/home-theater-speaker-system/#comments Wed, 08 Jul 2009 16:09:26 +0000 rachmanrichman https://sw-les.ru/?p=446 Getting The Best Home Theater Speaker System at the Best Price
Home Theater Speaker Systems

Home Theater Speaker Systems

By Rachman ray

Finding the best home theater speaker system

Finding one on the market today of home theater speaker systems with all the makes and models will suit your needs can be a real chore. But you can get the system you want at the best possible price with an easy way. I’ll show how to get rock bottom price on a quality home theater system after we’ll take a look at home theater components.

Home theater speaker system components

Buying individual components, including speakers will lets you get the best of every element, while home theater systems can be bought all in one package. The best home theater speaker systems will have midrange speakers, a set of tweeters and a subwoofer, just like any good audio system. This speakers will give you the full surround sound experience.

Home theater speaker system features

Compare both the home theater speaker systems which come in wire and wireless design for their sound quality and how to easy or difficult they will be to install. With having good crossover design is the best home theater speaker systems. Good crossover can make any driver sound good while the speaker driver is important, and bad crossover can make even a good driver sound bad.

A good way to judge sound quality is music playback. If your speakers can handle a CD, then you know they are going to sound good playing a DVD, because most DVDs do not produce great music signals. You need to decide how many speakers that you want. While large tower speakers are good for stereo effects, many small speakers provide surround sound. Has five speakers for surround sound are the ideal home theater speaker system. With a single subwoofer also work for small speakers.

How to compare home theater speaker system prices

To get an idea of system capabilities, features, and price by start visiting your local electronics stores. You have to know how they sound in person with listening to each system. After that go online to get price comparisons and product reviews. The comparison shopping website I use provides unbiased reviews by consumers like yourself and independent comparisons of product.

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Music Stereo https://sw-les.ru/music-stereo/ https://sw-les.ru/music-stereo/#comments Tue, 07 Jul 2009 14:46:11 +0000 rachmanrichman https://sw-les.ru/?p=437 How Does Stream Music To A Stereo Work?
iTunes Stereo Music Player

iTunes Stereo Music Player

By Rachman ray

We can redirect streaming music from online sources provide us with continous commercial free music stations to our home audio systems for higher quality listening and recording. Use a computer with internet connection and streaming music software, such as iTunes or Winamp (PC) and connect the audio output to an auxiliary input on our home audio system receiver. That’s  the best way to do.

Hardware connection

Step 1: Make sure sound is coming out of the computer’s speakers by doing test the audio signal flow by playing a continous sound source on your computer, such as a CD or mp3 file.

Step2: Before connect the RCA end to the stereo receiver’s auxiliary RCA inputs, attach a 1/8″ stereo mini jack to your computer’s stereo headphone output.

Step3: On the receiver, select corresponding aux channel as your source input. Home audio system should already connected by the speakers and from the computer you should be hearing the sound.

Step 4: by following your regular internet connection procedure connect your computer to the internet.

Choosing your streaming music station

Step 1: You can download for free a streaming audio software application such as iTunes or Winamp and then you need to install and launch it.

Step 2: In the library section of the software application you can choose a list of online radio stations which iTunes and Winamp already provide.

Step 3: A pop-up window will begin to play the station’s music stream at the best bitrate configured for your internet connection speed after you select the station by clicking on “Tune-In”.

Step 4: Select the option “Play in your Default Media Player” and press “Save”, on the pop-up window. A.pls file should download and automatically launch iTunes or Winamp. You need only to do this once.

Step 5: When choosing your online radio station from shoutcat if iTunes doesn’t automatically launch, refer to the iTunes preferences and adjust internet playback: iTunes > Preferences > Advanced > Use iTunes for internet playback > Set.

Step 6: Enjoy streaming online music with modify your stereo equalizer to your liking. From your home audio system you get commercial free and continous!

Tips & Warning

Make sure to choose higher bitrate steams available from the online station to get the highest quality sound from your stream. If the audio you are streaming is not as good as your LPs or CDs don’t be dismayed because that streaming audio is typically mp3 quality, akin to AM radio.

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Mini Speaker https://sw-les.ru/mini-speaker/ https://sw-les.ru/mini-speaker/#comments Mon, 06 Jul 2009 05:23:26 +0000 rachmanrichman https://sw-les.ru/?p=432 The X-Mini Speaker Usable Sound on Phones, MP3 Players, PC’s.
X-Mini Speakers

X-Mini Speakers

By Rachman ray

There’s a cute tiny speaker out there just waiting to amplify your songs if you’ve ever been upset at the sound of your MP3 player or smartphone. When the built-in speakers don’t cut it, the X-mini capsule speaker is a mobile and inexpensive option. The X-mini II capsule speaker is no bigger than a hacky-sack and doesn’t sport any kind of speaker wall. From MP3 players to cellphones to laptops, look at all the hardware using built-in speakers. The X-mini II was created to surprise gadget owners. So we want to know if this speaker could boost the sound of our favourite devices.

First, via USB jack we attached the X-mini II to a laptop PC. Cranked Metallica tracks at iTunes and reveled in the sound oozing out of the speaker. The dynamic response was quite good and it was treble-heavy. The bass thumped powerfully, much bigger than you would expect from a unit weighing 83 grams.  It definitely cranked out more volume that the PC’s internal speakers could muster.

Next, an iPod with thousands of songs can now be broadcast beyond two earphones because of that we saw the value in bringing the X-mini along on camping trips. And that’s why we tried out on an iPhone and iPod. When the campfire guitar gets old and the dance party wants to get started with some rockin’ music, we can picture ardent campers loving the X-mini. Since the speaker is placed at the top of the unit, accordion-style innards accentuate a nice design but it doesn’t do much for sound.

When it’s resting somewhere flat it just looks cooler. We couldn’t detect much different even some reviews say it opens a “resonance chamber”. We can give a thumbs-up for the rechargeable battery because it can last for 11 hours non stop through a USB connection. In case you wanted truly outstanding sound, a small jack lets you connect one X-mini speaker to another creating a “chain gang” of tiny speakers.

Although it doesn’t rival more expensive speaker systems, this option also extends the sound quality to “stereo”. The X-mini is a small investment for a big return. This portable accessories does its job without any frills, usable on phones, MP3 players, PCs, and portable DVD players. Don’t be surprised if other companies will start playing copycat with the X-mini’s function and design. It’s a simple gadget perfect for road trips, parties and home use.

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