Knowing Creative Labs I-Trigue 3330 2.1 Speaker System

Creative Labs Speakers I-Trigue 3330

Creative Labs Speakers I-Trigue 3330

By Rachman ray

The Creative Labs I-Trigue 3330 2.1 speaker system delivers impressive quality for the price even it’s comes cheap.

The I-Trigue patented NeoTitanium micro drivers and offers a crisp clear sound courtesy.

It’s perfect for any desktop setup because it has modern design is both aesthetically pleasing and compact, not to mention that the sleek.

At a Glance


  • Good quality but cheap.
  • For desktop computer it has perfect design.
  • Has fun design.


  • Remote with wired.
  • Not good for large rooms, has low volume.

Features of the I-Trigue Speaker Set

  • NeoTitanium Mirco-Drivers

I-Trigue isn’t made with simple aluminium drivers like a typical speaker system has. I-Trigue allows your ears to indulge in every detail of the sound coming from them because it’s NeoTitanium micro-drivers are designed to deliver crisp, bright sound.

  • Modern Design

The I-Trigue has unique design catching the attention of anyone checking out your desktop PC. It’s name is a play on “intrigue”, and it delivers on that theme. Though that design may come at a cost of the audio quality.

Even when turned up three-quarters of the way to the highest volume, the sound tends to be weak. There may be a trade-off in the purchasing decision because it’s not exactly a by-product of the design.


It is not a loud sound, while the system does offer sharp, quality sound for an affordable price. For a large room or a large group of people particularly for entertainment purposes, such as watching a movie, these speakers would propably not be adequate.

However, the I-Trigue’s are more satisfactory if just purchased for personal computer use. And the design of the speakers will go with any modern day décor for beyond performance, and would look great next to a classy flat screen monitor.

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