How to Install Car Speakers

By: Levi Quinn

Car Audio Speakers

Car Audio Speakers

Purchasing a great set of new speakers to make a car’s audio system perform like a rolling concert is only the first step in enjoying the sound quality desired. To really make music, those speakers have to be installed. This is a job that many do-it-yourselfers can handle if they follow some basic instructions carefully. The task does require some patience and the right set of tools.

Getting Started

Before diving into installation of any type of car speaker, it’s a good idea to round up the right tools for the job. While installations can vary somewhat, the following tools are generally required:

-Screwdrivers, including Phillips head, magnetic and flat-blade;
-A drill and bits;
-Socket wrenches;
-Allen wrenches;
-Wire cutters;
-Soldering iron;
-Crimping tools;
-Door panel removal tool;
-A file;
-Electrical tape;
-Torx drivers and bits.

Other tools may also be required, but the above will cover most basic installations.

Getting Down To Work

While other mounting positions may be desired, the most common do-it-yourself job involves putting in door speakers. This is one of the easiest jobs to tackle without calling in professional installation assistance.

For a door installation, make sure to collect the tools first and, of course, buy the speakers. Once these things are done, be absolutely certain to read the instructions that are packaged with the speakers. They should spell out everything that needs to be done to properly install the speakers at home.

While some of the steps might differ based on manufacturer recommendations and how much wiring work is required, these steps are common:

Removal of the door panel - This will be required for speakers that are door mounts, which is the most common scenario. The door panel will need to be completely removed in order to access the speaker cavity and perform the job.

Speaker removal - If old speakers are in place, they will need to come out before the new speakers go in. If a new wiring harness will be used, unplug the factory harness at this time. Otherwise, leave it in place. Glue preparation - Prepare the gluing or mounting material provided for the speakers per manufacturer instructions. If an adhesive doesn’t come with the speakers, a Super Glue type adhesive is a common choice. Once this is done, put the mounting materials into the speaker hole in the door.

Mounting - Place the speaker into mounting and make certain to carefully screw it into place.

Wiring - If the factory wiring harness is being reused, make sure to plug the positive wire into the positive opening in the new speaker. Do the same with the negative wiring. Also, make sure the positive and negative wires are properly plugged into the receiver or head unit. If a new harness will be used, this is the time to put it into place and hook it up to both the speakers and the receiver.

Clean up - Make sure all exposed wires are properly covered with electrical tape.

Finishing the job - Put the door panels back into place. For dash speakers, the major step that varies involves the removal of the grilles instead of the door panels. For other types of speaker installation jobs, carefully read manufacturer instructions before proceeding.

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